The loss of teeth can have an impact on your smile, and by creating some functionality on that you must go to the dental implants in Ahmedabad. It can also make a serious and for that, there are many common solutions that dentist use to get  the problems are dental implants and dental bridges.

If you have any problem regarding the oral health, like poor oral hygiene, a disease of the gums and injuries to the teeth then the tooth replacement is good. With the advances in restorative dentistry, you can get any of the solutions whether you go for the Dental implants or you should go for the dental bridges.

Many people don’t understand the difference between but as medical science said, the approach of both are on the same technical level but, the option you should consider. If you are looking for the right solution for missing teeth, it is very important to understand different options .

It is also vital to have an understanding of what each implies before deciding whether it is appropriate for your specific needs.


What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a solid foundation for the removable or fixed replacement teeth.

Advantages of dental implants,

  • Better Bite
  • Improve facial appearance
  • Convenience
  • Improve speech, oral health

Dental implants place a lower burden on the surrounding teeth, also it promotes healing of the bony structures and gums under the teeth.  In general, a high-quality dental implant is expected to last a lifetime.

Cons of the dental implant are only one, – It is very expensive and if in cases you need a large number of the teeth to replace then you have to spend so much money. Even replacing a single tooth with the dental implant services in Ahmedabad can cost thousand Rupees.

The dental implants help to prevent the jaw bone from deteriorating, and if all teeth removed then it may be possible that the jaw bone shrinks over time and changes the look and smile of the face.

What are dental bridges?

Dental bridges are used to refill  the gap for the missing teeth. It consists of two or more crowns for the teeth on both sides of the hole. Dental Bridges help restore your smile and the ability to chew and speak correctly.

Why should you choose dental implants over bridges?

  • Dental implants look like natural teeth when you applied. This dental implant replicates function and durability.
  • When your tooth is missing, then the teeth begin to contract. It can affect the adjacent teeth, as well as the surrounding teeth.
  • Dental implants prevent this and promote bone growth, which helps to preserve the facial structure.
  • The bridges sit on the gum in the space where the tooth is missing.
  • The implants also promote healthy bone growth and reinforce the jaw, which in turn helps to maintain the line of the facial jaw.
  • The success rate of dental implants is much higher compared to dental bridges.
  • In the case of dental implants, there is no risk of decay compared to bridges.
  • Dental implants provide protection and resistance to the jaw bone that lies beneath the missing tooth and, therefore, avoids the undesirable effects of bone loss.

Ending lines,

Whether you choose the implants or you choose the bridges, just your doctor and dental clinic should be best… Go for the best treatment provider, and have safe and secure surgery!!!

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