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Why is Asbestos Inspection Melbourne Important?

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Asbestos Inspection Melbourne is a technique used for checking for asbestos in offices and residences. This has to be regularly done for avoiding health hazards as it may cause some severe illness and even cancer in some of the cases if inhaled though the lungs.

It was used often as a construction material since 1950’s till the early 1980’s as it was a wonderful element for insulation and was also fire resistant. It is durable against the chemical attacks as well as high temperatures. This signifies that all the buildings which were constructed before 2000, might have asbestos. This kind of construction material is absolutely safe when it’s in a good condition. However, when it breaks down because of wear and tear, the fibres of the material start floating in the air. This might get inhaled by the residents of that building or that particular area.

Asbestos Inspection Melbourne

Risks of asbestos to our health and property

Approximately 4000 people die every year because of asbestos. That is why most of the buildings now have regular Asbestos Inspection Melbourne. When an individual inhales the fibres having asbestos, he or she gets exposed to a number of diseases as well as illnesses which are caused because of inhalation of asbestos. Breathing in very high doses of this element may cause asbestos related diseases. However, the symptoms cannot be immediately seen but they occur only after a very long exposure to this very sad construction material.

Diseases which are caused by asbestos

  • Lungs cancer
  • Mesothelioma
  • Asbestosis
  • Diffuse pleural thickening

When inhaled, this element gets trapped in your lungs and then stays there for an enhanced period of time. As time passes, the fibres accumulate and eventually cause scarring as well as tissues inflammation, which affect breathing and leads to severe health concerns.

Because of the hazardous effects of this material in the lings, the Health Department has considered it to be a human carcinogen which is a substance causing cancer. That’s why this inspection needs to be done on a regular basis to make sure that the residents of the place are healthy.

We often tend to ignore the normal wear and tear of the walls, ceilings, floors, etc. They may have this substance which may damage the lungs on being exposed to the regular wear and tear. The minute particles of this material float in the air and as soon as they are inhaled, might cause severe lung problems.

You need to avoid having such issues by maintaining good conditions in your house, as well as office regularly. You should always conduct Asbestos Inspection Melbourne for ensuring the wellness and safety of your family. It’s a necessary precaution which the property owners need to adhere to very strictly.


Asbestos Inspection Melbourne is very important for each and every family. Asbestos is a harmful material which if inhaled can cause severe lungs problems. So get it done regularly in order to avoid any kind of illness in your family.

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