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What you need to keep in mind while creating your own personal Verandahs?

Home Improvement

Verandahs add a lot of beauty to homes and also provide you with an outdoor space where you can enjoy some quality time with family and friends. However, the designing and installation of a Verandah requires as much planning and thought that other portions of the home require. Let us look at some things that you need to keep in mind.

Ask your local council for suggestions

Sometimes the local authorities may require that you submit sketches or plans of the project if the cost of the complete project is above a certain amount. You don’t need to worry about this because it is usually an easy process.

Use best quality materials

You need to safeguard your loved ones along with yourself who will spend time under the verandahs Adelaide, which is why you should use the best quality materials. Let us look at why you need to do this:

Wind resistance – This is especially important if you are creating a bull nose Verandah and that is the rating of the roof elements of the Verandah for wind uplift. Another factor that makes this important is if you live in a windy region. Hence, you need to make sure that you use rafters and other materials for the Verandah which can resist the elements.

Reduced spacing of rafters – Sometimes you can reduce the number of rafters required if you use high quality ones. This is because the higher quality Verandah rafters supply greater assistance and this allows you to use much less number of rafters.
verandah Adelaide

Developing a Verandah project

  • Usually the first part of the Verandahs to be built is the patio decking, for which you can use patio decking slats or slabs made of concrete. Once you have decided on the patio materials you should pay attention to put the timber posts for holding up the Verandah into the ground.
  • Use a stirrup or saddle to fit in the timber post and then place it in the layer of concrete or a concrete pad.
  • The deck of the Verandah can then be put on the stirrup or saddle following which it will be fixed onto the top of the slab or pad of concrete.
  • Fix the veranda deck neatly around the posts to ensure that you get a good finish.
  • Placing battens or purlins on top of or between the rafters is necessary. This will prevent the Verandah from sagging in the centre with time which often becomes a problem for bull nose Verandah which is not constructed properly initially.
  • In order to make it easier to paint the Verandah later on, you should apply primer just before fixing the elements which make up the timber framework.
  • Always use a facia support bracket which should be connected to the house for a neat finish. This will add to the strength of the beam of the facia.

If you are thinking of adding Verandahs to your home you should keep the above mentioned points in mind. Also if you have hire professionals for the installation of the Verandah you should ensure that they follow these steps so that you get a durable and long lasting Verandah to enjoy your leisure time


Adding Verandahs to homes can provide you with a personal exterior space which is protected from the elements and yet open. This is a space where you can spend some quality time with your family and friends. It is advisable to hire a professional for the installation of a Verandah if you are not used to undertaking heavy construction projects.

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