End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

What do you need to know about the end of lease cleaning?


End of lease cleaning is one of the most important parts of your duty when you are planning to move out from one place to another. This is because in the end of the tenancy period the landlord and also the agent will come for a visit in order to inspect that at the time of leaving the property it is cleaned properly or not.

So this thing should be done on a priority basis before moving out. Remember that if the property not cleaned properly, then the landlord has all the rights to keep the bond cleaning money. You can have two options in your hand to do the cleaning properly.

One is calling a good cleaning professional company of Melbourne or two you can do it by yourself. Calling a competent cleaning service provider is the best bet for you as it will not waste your time and the property will be cleaned as new.

End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

Ask yourself before hiring

The cleaning companies in Melbourne know their job very well and do the same quite efficiently for you. So when you have decided to call an expert cleaner for your bond cleaning then you should ask a few basic questions to yourself to make the decision easier for you.

  • Have you cleaned the oven ever in your tenancy period?
  • Have you ever tried to clean the range filters?
  • Have you ever employed somebody to steam clean the carpets?

These are the specialised services done by the cleaning companies and thus if you know the answers it will help you to choose the best company for the same.

Can the landlord charge you for carpet cleaning?

Deterioration of the carpets due to the normal wear and tear is a part and parcel of the game, but if you damage the carpet which is way beyond the level of tolerance and it needs a specialised care to treat the same then the landlord can ask you for the extra cleaning charges.

What is at stake?

It is sure that your bond money will be at stake if you don’t put your best efforts to clean the property in a proper way. If in the event of an inspection by the landlord and the agent they feel that the property is not cleaned well then they might deduct some amount from your bond money for a re-cleaning with another end of lease cleaning Melbourne company.

Don’t trust your agent

You also need to be very cautious about the agent too. Sometimes they tried to help you by providing the contacts of their so-called in-house cleaning companies. With them, you can end up paying more charges and may not get proper cleaning results too. This is a growing phenomenon in the cities like Melbourne. Invest your time and choose best ones from the market itself.

The bond money

The bond acts as a security for the both parties and a certain amount is locked during the tenancy period. At the end of the tenancy period, you can demand the money back. According to the governing rule, the bond money should be

  • When $250/week or less is rent amount then it should be four weeks rent
  • When it is more than $250/week or more then it will be six weeks rent as bond.


End of lease cleaning is a very popular concept in Melbourne, so the chances are you can easily hire a professional bond cleaning company for yourself if you choose them properly.

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