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What are Some of the Best Pubs in Melbourne? Why People Visit the Pubs?


Vibrant street life, magnificent nightlife and the superb admix of treasures and cultures of connoisseurs characterize Melbourne and a lot many people flock to the best pub for that level of ecstasy. The extent of ecstasy is totally summed up by the magnificent nightlife in the location.

Too many global entertainment brands have influxes into Melbourne, resulting to the mushrooming of outstanding pubs and discos. The mushroomed night clubs and pubs offer a large number of sources for the nocturnal spree.

The city is full of hard-rock spots, the cocktail clubs, coffeehouses and pubs. The music docket here is rock, jazz, western and many others. Enjoy long drives, saunter on the sandy beaches and taste the delicacies of the place. The place has too many things to offer.

Rock and roll in the wee hours!

Have calorie combustion sessions in the best pub and enjoy the rock and roll sessions till the wee hours. You can groove on the eclectic music or veg out with the raising of toasts as the night creature looking for entertainment. The city in fact never sleeps and is always abuzz and awake with night activities. Feel the magic of pubs here frequented by people from all across the globe.

Indians, Canadians, Australians and those belonging to the UK do not hesitate to spend a night in the pub. Club freaks come here all the way from distant lands and some pubs even witness Hollywood celebrities. As the sun moves back to its den, the party people venture out to find the source of entertainment.

Bars, restaurants and pubs in the city are pregnant with thousands of people who simply want fun and entertainment. A pub is the fantastic way to unwind and de-stress.

Spend your night dancing and partying!

Each and every night in Melbourne is like the carnival for those nocturnal who crave to dance and party the whole night.  There are alarge number of clubs, bars, discotheques, lounges, and so there is a great scope to spend the night gleefully. The main highlights of the places are dance numbers, music, delicious cuisines, rare cocktails. The cocktails you can find in the pubs of the city cannot be found anywhere else.

Top 5 pubs in Melbourne!

There are hundreds of Best Pubs in Melbourne. It is important to opt for the best ones. The below 5 names are more famous:

  1. The Railway Club Hotel’ is located in the Port Melbourne that is known best for crispy fried delicious onion rings, the roasted field mushroom, the buffalo mozzarella, the red wine, etc.
  2. The Great Northern’ serves battered fish with chips along with the beer, garden salad, battered fries, tartar sauce, etc.
  3. The Exchange Pub’ in the city is equally good. It is known for the Chicken Parma, Champagne, the Napoli, the ham, cheeses, salads, chips and the rarest of cocktails.
  4. The Gem’, located in the Collingwood, is equally well known.
  5. You cannot miss out on the ‘Grace Darling Hotel’ and Pub which serves Chicken Parmigiana and Herb Salad at 30 US dollars.


Melbourne peoplelove the pub grub a lot. They cannot afford to miss out on the best pub. Burgers, drowning Parmas, crunchy chips and salads can be enjoyed in the mentioned names above.

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