Custom Rubber Stamps

Uses of Custom Rubber Stamps


Custom Rubber Stamps may be a very good way of personalising the outgoing mails, cards and other such items. A lot of people indulge in purchasing a personalised stamp without even realising how much can be done really with them.

Custom Made Rubber Stamps

Below are some ideas for personalised stamps which you might not be aware of.

  • Return address custom rubber stamp

These types of stamps may be used on the outgoing cards and mail. But it may also be used for coats, mark backpacks, mittens, skates, books and the other items many a placed misplaced. This is quite helpful for the events like Boy scout camp as well as school field trip.

  • Name custom stamps

These types of stamps are used often for personalising letters and cards. However, there’re a number of other ways in which you may use the personalise stamps. You may use them for easily marking the school items of your kids, you may also use them for marking the place mats or the cubby holes in case you have 2 or more kids.

The best way of using these stamps with your name on it is on the wedding accessories. In case you get bride and groom names on stamps you may use it for personalising all the mementos, napkins, table cloths, streamers, etc. which may be cherished by the couple as well as the guests.

Another good way of using Rubber Stamps with name or the names is at the back of the pictures. In case you send the pictures to your family and friends every time it’s a wonderful time saver. You may get personalised stamps with the names of each of your family members, and one with family name. Algorithm the dated rubber stamp, you may easily mark people in picture and the dates taken before mailing without you writing on them.

  • Account number custom rubber stamp

A lot of people get Custom Made Rubber Stamps along with their bank account no, for an easy deposit of check. However, there’re a number of other uses for this kind of stamp. There’re a number of documents which might need to have your account no apart from checks for the deposits only.

Bank acc no. is required for direct deposit forms or the credit checks. It might also be required for filing your income tax returns or other financial docs. Rather than remembering the acc no or to look it up every time, these custom rubber stamps help the users in easily stamping the acc no on any document.

This is the reason why most of the people prefer having their customised stamps.


Custom rubber stamps are generally used by people who wish to personalise everything going out from their business. Any kind of documentation or mails being sent out can be stamped with these stamps so that the person may know where they are coming from even before opening them. These stamps can also be used for marking kids’ books and stationary.

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