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Tips To Protect Fragile Items When You Are Moving Your Home

Furniture Removals Melbourne

Fragile items often have a significant value. To protect them and continue to treasure them for years, it is important to be very careful when moving from home.

Many not certified Melbourne removalists companies use old towels, small blankets, newspaper or even paper towels to wrap their fragile items. But this is not the right thing. Newsprint can be dirty and means you still have to wash more in your new home. Paper towels are not strong or reliable.

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Follow these tips to keep your fragile items in perfect condition while shifting the home:

People made simple and silly mistakes while doing the furniture removal Melbourne process, and here I am suggesting some tips regarding this.

  1. Allow a lot of time

Begin the packaging process well before the day of the move, so that your fragile valuables remain intact and you remain stress-free.

One of the main causes of damage to fragile items is hurrying. Always take your time to pack fragile products, as they usually require a little extra care to pack.

  1. Use the right packaging materials

To protect your fragile materials from shock or vibration, you must use a package that can withstand being moved by hand, car or moving truck. Blankets, towels and clothes are commonly used to pack fragile items by many non-certified interstate removalists Melbourne Company, but these materials do not maintain their cushioning capacity well.

Note: Invest in materials that will keep your valuables in perfect condition.

Packaging materials that have proven to be effective:

  • Mobile boxes: Designed to store possessions efficiently.
  • Quality paper: Used to wrap objects or to place them in a box.
  • Loose packing: Designed to fill empty space in a box and prevnt damage from occurring
  • Fibreboard: Designed to provide structured cushioning
  • Bubble paper: Used to wrap carefully around objects.
  1. Configure your items correctly

Once you have the right materials, it is important to pack your items correctly. Each element or category will need a technique that is best suited to it.

  • Glasses:  Place tissue paper inside each glass, then roll each glass into a sheet of tissue paper.
  • Plates: Place a plate on a wrapping paper and fold it so that the plate is covered. Do the same with four other dishes and stack them together. Place the stack sideways in a quilted box with crumpled paper underneath and above the plates.
  • Lamps:  First, separate the bulb and the screen from the holder. Wrap the holder in the newspaper, with wrapping paper to fill any space and then place it on its side in a box with grouped paper that cushions it. Wrap the bulb in bubble wrap and the screen in tissue paper and store them separately.
  1. Mark the moving boxes

Always write “FRAGILE” in boxes with breakable elements in them. Also, indicate in which direction of the table you are going to move and store.

  1. Communicate with the movements

When your moving agents arrive, let them know which boxes contain fragile items and should be especially careful when transporting them. Consult great furniture removal Melbourne specialists just like “Quick Pick Movers” today to begin your move without stress today.

Note: This is the only way that anyone should have packed all large fragile items in strange ways. It is important to consider the shape and size of the piece, as well as the handles or the protruding parts that could easily break.

  • Wrap the piece completely in bubble wrap, securing it with tape.
  • Put it on a piece of cardboard with a flexible cut.
  • Place an identical piece of cardboard on the item.
  • Fold the cardboard ends together and secure with tape.
  • Wrap the product with tape if necessary.

In the end, we would say…

Ultimately, be sure to inform your family member or employee which boxes contain the fragile items. If you are not sure of your abilities to pack and move this item then ask for furniture Removalists Company from Melbourne. We carry specialized boxes for fragile items, such as packages of mirror and plates that you move keeps in stock.

Have a happy moving!!!

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