Best Restaurants Melbourne CBD

Throwing Party at One of the Best Bars? Know these Tips Before!


Celebrating your special moments with your friends and family at a chic and happening restaurant or bar? But things can go south when your attendees’ count changes from 30 to 10. This is when happy hour happy hours come to an end.

Be it a birthday, wedding, or any occasional party at Melbourne CBD best bars, preparing in advance is useful.

So, follow the lead!

  • Scout it out

Once you’ve figured out the basic details – get online and research! Look for possible restaurants and bars to host your event. If you want to host a less-casual event, search for restaurants that have large public tables. If you want a private room, search for restaurants that have them as an option. If you want it in a bar, search for bars that have separate drinking areas and multiple rooms.

Best Restaurants Melbourne CBD

Shortlist a few restaurant or bars that fits you. Choose a possible venue, grab a friend, and scout them out. Want to have a party on a Friday night? Go to the bar on that day and see what it’s like to be there. This way you’ll get an idea of whether or not the place is perfect for your party.

  • Befriend the Bartender

So you’ve got your venue picked out. Now, reach out to space’s team and make it all happen. Visit the restaurant alone during a less-busy time, like a weeknight evening.

Establish some communication with bartender and wait staff. You can even ask to speak with the manager and explain your party plan. If it’s a bar, they can refer you to the restaurant vendor. In case it’s an upscale restaurant, they may refer you to the venue’s event planner.

  • Discuss Details

Set up a meeting with the owner or concerned person during normal business hours to converse all of the details of your event. Ask permission to bring cake and decoration. Can you bring in vases and some flowers? If so, at what time should you get them in there? Ask your entire questions and clear all your doubts so for a successful event at Melbourne CBD best bars.

Best Restaurants Melbourne CBD

  • Curate the Menu

Work with the chef to create a smaller menu if you’re giving a dinner party. The kitchen staff will appreciate this, as they won’t have to make numerous dishes and your attendees might event not touch a few of them at all. Have a few appetizers served and then let guests select from three entree, salad/soup, and dessert options.

After selecting your menu, you are all set for the event.

In a Nutshell

To end up at one of the best restaurants Melbourne CBD, it’s important that you follow all the above tips. This will ensure that your event goes as planned and you prevent all the hidden & sudden costs.  

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