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Almost every house has a rug or a carpet as a basic necessity and so is Carpet Cleaning Perth. Rugs and carpets help in keeping the floor and the house warm through the season.  The rugs and carpets are also used for decoration purpose in many houses, as they are available in different designs and colours. These carpets and rugs are susceptible to dirt and dust. Some of the stains are extremely stubborn to be cleaned. It might take several ages before those stains may come off from the special mats.

Even though there’re different techniques to clean the rugs and carpets, the special detergents as well as cleaning materials are needed for making the exercise of cleaning worthwhile. In case you’ve been dealing with these kinds of stains and if you are still very worried as to how they may be cleaned again, then it’s time that you employ professional Carpet Cleaning Perth experts.

Techniques of carpet cleaning

  • Carpet absorbent technology

This is the technique which is used for cleaning the organic dirt as well as other materials which dissolve into water. This technique involves spraying of water with the solvents on the stains, giving the carpets and the mats sometime for soaking as well as dissolving the stained, and then vacuuming the whole area.

This particular technique consumes less time and the stains are efficiently cleaned in no time. Additionally, the time for drying for the rugs cleaned with the help of this technique is minimal.

  • Bonnet technique

This is the technique for cleaning which is used for removing the stubborn stains on particular parts of the rug. It’s a Carpet Cleaning Perth technique in which the rotating brush is used for scrubbing off the stains and dirt from the particular areas of the rug. Only a nominal amount of soap and water is employed in this procedure.

It’s effective for thoroughly cleaning the spots on the rugs which have stubborn stains. The special bio-degradable detergents are recommended while using this technique of cleaning.

  • Shampooing

Shampooing is the cleaning technique where the shampoo solution is employed for cleaning the rugs. Most of the professional Carpet Cleaning Perth companies employ 2 methods while cleaning the rugs with shampoo. There is the wet shampoo method wherein the rugs are soaked in the solution for cleaning them. The other method is vacuum dry method. Another method of shampooing is using aerosol foaming shampoo.

With this technique, the shampoo is thoroughly sprayed on the filthy rugs, and the solution is left to dry. Vacuuming completes the method of cleaning. An important point to be noted here is that while using the shampoo, ammonia- based shampoo might leave a foul smell once the procedure has been completed.


A Carpet Cleaner Perth helps in cleaning the rugs and carpets in the house thoroughly. There are many techniques of effective Carpet Cleaning Perth. The professionals use the technique on the basis of how dirty the rug is.

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