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Why is Solar Pool Heating Adelaide considered to be a cheap option?


Solar Pool Heating system doesn’t have to be very complicated. A typical heating system comprises of flat panel collector, a pump, a filter and some tubes. The water of the swimming pool is primarily circulated through the flat panel collector, generally mounted on the roof or right next to the swimming pool.

This panel or the panels could be glazed or even unglazed. Water is then heated by the solar energy of sun which gets absorbed by water flowing over or even through the solar heating panel before the heated water returns back to the swimming pool. A filter is used for removing dirt, dust, and debris before water pumps through solar collector and then back to the swimming pool with the help of copper tubing or plastic tubing.

No need of the separate water tank

The swimming pool heating system don’t need any separate water tank for storage as the swimming pool serves as storage tank and also in most of the cases, the swimming pool filtering pump could be used for circulating the water of the pool through the pool filter and the solar collector making it active with the help of forced circulation of heated water.

Solar pool heating Adelaide

During hot climate or middle of summers, solar collector could be used for cooling the swimming pool through circulation of water around the Pool Heating system during night with solar panels acting as a radiator in place of the collector.

When used during cold months and weather, closed-loop systems could be needed which have anti-freezing protection system.

Different types of solar pool collectors

There are different types of solar swimming pool collectors available in market. Each of these collectors comes with specific advantages as well as disadvantages. The size of a solar collector needed for heating the pool is determined by a lot of factors including the size, shape and the geographical location of the pool. The season, temperature and the time needed for reheating the pool and wind conditions are also important.

The solar thermal panel to be used in the swimming pools heating system is available in different panel sizes which could be mounted next to swimming pool or adjacent roofing making installation of the filter, pump, and tubes easier. There are glazed as well as unglazed solar collectors which are available.

Solar pool heating

The glazes solar collector is typically made of big diameter copper tube and aluminum plate with iron tempered glass cover. They are expensive as well as heavy but during winters his system proves to be efficient.

Using good amount of solar power for Solar Pool Heating Adelaide is most popular for solar power across the world today. The solar swimming pool heating system helps in saving money and reducing the greenhouse has the emission. The solar swimming pool and the domestic heating is the best choice for the application.


Solar Pool Heating Adelaide is considered to be a very good option for heating the swimming pool. It is a cheap option and also eco-friendly.

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