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Why Should you Prefer Solar Dab Water Pumps?

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Dab Water Pumps are very important for homes, buildings as well as industrial plants for supply of water from the underground sources. The particular ways in which they work mainly depend on the usage which they are needed for. As there’re a number of purposes that such machines serve, there’re different types available in the market.

The simplest of pumps are known as well-pumps and they are used typically for offering water to the households as well as structures or buildings. Water is obtained from the underground sources and capacity with which the water is supplied through the machine depends on the quantity of water required.

For instance, in a house, the number of kitchens and bathrooms need to be considered for determining the quantity of water required. The pumps are buried underground, but they actually move water with the help of motors which are located on the ground.

For the taller structures like skyscrapers, buildings, etc. pressure tanks are employed for ensuring that right amount of the pressure may be exerted for supplying water to the areas which high-off the ground.

As it is known, a great amount of pressure is required for pushing the water for reaching the elevated areas. For removing water, which gets collected in the houses or the basements of the buildings for that another type of machine is used which is known as sump pump. These machines are used for draining the water which might have pooled in the low lying areas of the buildings.

Different between the traditional and solar pumps

  • For getting these kinds of Dab Water Pumps, you may choose between the traditional AC powered and the solar DC powered pumps. Of course, there’re benefits of solar machines. The biggest benefit is that they have the capability of working at a reduced power, thereby eliminating the risks of overheating.
  • They also don’t need any electric line or pipes as they depend mainly on the photovoltaic solar-panels running on the DC power and they’re easy as well as cheap to be maintained.
  • The solar water machines are quite useful in the rural farms and ranches where power isn’t available readily.
  • In case you’re planning to purchase solar powered Dab Water Pumps, there’re 2 basic concepts which you need to consider before actually deciding the suitable one. Direct coupled solar pumping system is one type which provides solar power directly to the pumps from the photovoltaic panels and the systems work just when sun rises. Thus, the amount of water which may be pumped depends mainly on the amount of sunlight available and the type of machine being used.
  • On the contrary, the battery operated solar pumping system is quite complicated as apart from the photovoltaic panels, it also needs a lot of other things which include the DC water pumps, a tank, batteries, pressure switch, pump controller as well as charge- control regulator.


The solar Dab Water Pumps are proven to be quite efficient as well as cost effective for the requirements of water. So go solar today, and use these pumps for your house, farms and industries.

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