Precautions While Getting a Tattoo Done


So you have finally decided to get a tattoo done and are wondering if the decision is right or not. Getting yourself inked is just like making a bold statement to the whole wide world. A statement would become a part of your body forever. You will find a lot of artists in Melbourne.

But you need to first choose a design and then look for the artist. You should conduct a lot of research for finding if the design would reflect what you wish to convey and it should have any other hidden meaning.

It’s also quite important that the studio you choose takes all the important precautions for preventing infections as well as cross contamination.

Below are a few basic precautions which the studio should take for keeping it sterile. You should make sure that the artist you choose has all safety measures and precautions in place before he starts making your design.

The studio should definitely have:

  • Autoclave machine
  • Ultrasonic cleaner
  • Disposable needles as well as tubes, razor, stencil, ink caps
  • Squeeze and not the spray bottles for soap
  • Sterile packages with steam heating indicators
  • Ointments
  • Non latex disposable gloves
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Sharps container
  • Disposable apron

You will have to make sure that the auto clave machine has undergone the spore-test and the test results have been displayed in the studio. The sterile packages have steam heating indicators for showing that things have been properly sterilised.

The area of the body where the artist would work should be extremely sterile and clean, it should be very well covered with water resistant barrier once it has been disinfected completely. The area should be disinfected after every tattoo session. Most of the Tattoo Studios in Melbourne follow all these things.

The pigments which need to be used should be first poured out and should be kept all ready before the procedure is started. Also, petroleum jelly and ointments should be kept ready. All the instruments as well as tools should be sterile and accessible easily for preventing cross contamination.

The gloves which the artist wears should be non-latex as the petroleum jelly damages the latex gloves easily. The artist should dispose of all the disposable items once the procedure is complete. You should ensure that needles as well as tubes used on your body have been disposed of.

You may also request the professional to first make you watch one session on some other client before going in for yours. This will provide you the first-hand knowledge of the procedures used by the artist.

If you will do your preliminary research properly and go to the studio which follows all the safety procedures strictly, your session would become safe.

So once you decide to get a tattoo done, try to look for a good and experienced artist from Melbourne.


Once you have decided to get a tattoo done, the next important thing is to look for a professional artist who follows all the safety measures. You will find a lot of artists in Melbourne. But you need to ensure that the one you choose is good.

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