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The Need and Uses of Custom Rubber Stamps


Today, a lot of companies offer unique, eraser-like rubber stamps in larger items and dimensions, called customised rubber stamps. This is a type of art that is fast becoming more popular. It is an art type that is almost unidentified in European countries. Custom Rubber Stamps Melbourne is especially used by non-professional artists due to the benefit it provides while using it. It can simulate woodcuts but is not used this way. The print from the customised rubber stamp is considered as perform of art on its own or one or several stamps are used to enhance jobs of art with other elements.

Other materials besides rubber may also be used to generate a Custom Made Stamps Melbourne. In fact, wood blocks can be used for same art – it’s just a matter of using another chiselling material. Wood is more difficult and stands out tools are needed to utilise it. In European countries, timber is commonly used, instead of the customised rubber carvings that are more well-known in the US. While wood is commonly used in schools or by activity artists, plastic is mostly on expert artists because it’s hard to do and takes a very long time to print.

Why Custom Rubber Stamps Are the Better Choice?

You can put your company logo, your trademark, or whatever picture you have selected on your Custom Stamps Melbourne. Companies allow you to publish the company logo, trademark, or picture when you place your use the internet. This way, you can be sure that your stamp differs from the others and is truly associated with your company, profession, or whatever purpose the stamp is for.

A very useful tip you can use to ensure that you get the best possible results is to save your act on 500 dpi black and white Bitmap or TIF data structure. If you’re not purchasing online, some companies let you mail or fax your designs; you can also give them the requirements of your Custom Stamps Melbourne over the phone.

  • Crafts

For art or activity, they allow for more independence of appearance since they are created for your needs. Memory book makers can have Custom Rubber Stamps Melbourne designed for specific page styles, or merely to beautify the sides with their own individual contact. Designing your own party invites has become a well-known kind of the scrapbook pattern, and yours will stand out from the rest with the unique personal touch a customised stamp gives.

  • Home Business

An internet company can get a more expert look with customised rubber stamps created from their company logo or other picture the owner wants to be associated with their company.

  • Custom Rubber Stamps

So with the entire ready to use stamps available on the market, why get Custom Made Stamps Melbourne? To show personality, or an original picture not found in shops. Created in higher quantities stamps normally have the most favoured pictures and written text, since the company making them has to keep their costs down.


Custom Made Stamps Melbourne can become to designate a company’s logo and address. These stamps are often produced with portable parts to allow changing of dates and texts.

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