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Make your corporate event a huge success with function venues


Organising corporate events demand a lot of effective planning as well as research. Right from preparing the list of invitees, tracking the number of invitees, arranging for food to finding the right function room hire Melbourne. There are a number of aspects of the corporate events which go far beyond the event itself.

Choosing the venues is the most crucial of all. The corporate events which happen in Melbourne can be classified in different types including- formal conferences, board meetings, etc.

Factors to consider while choosing the corporate event venue

  • Location- the most significant criteria in choosing the venue for the event is the accessibility of the location to the invitees. As the event is held with some purpose, it needs confirmed attendance from all the invitees. It is very important that the invitees are able to reach the location easily without any trouble.
  • Suitability- the corporate function venues need to favour the image of the company and bring forward the purpose of the event. For instance, an event which has been organised with the purpose of announcing the performance of the company of Melbourne and sharing it with the shareholders need formal setup.
  • Availability-it’s very important to check the location chosen as to whether it is available or not. You may need some extra arrangements to be done in terms of accommodation or food for the invitees around those dates. Therefore, a lot of things have to be coordinated apart from choosing the place.
  • Size- while determining capacity of venue, it’s quite crucial to state the seating capacity of the place. You need to know if the meeting place is large enough for comfortably accommodating all the invitees. The arrangement should be made in such a way that all the people who are seated get a clear view of the screen. Also, the movement of the people in that room shouldn’t disrupt the proceedings of the meeting.
  • Cost- you will also have to decide on the budget before you choose the place. Once you have decided on the budget, just make sure that the payment details are also taken care of. It will help in discussing the policy of cancellation with the owners.

Finding function venues is not difficult at all, but you need to first list down all your needs and expectations from a place. Only then you will be able to choose the right place in Melbourne. Another good way of choosing the venue is to take help from your colleagues and friends. If any one of them has organised any such event earlier they would be able to help you.


Choosing the function venues can become a very easy task if you go about it in a planned way. You need to just list down everything properly so that you have a clear picture of what all you need from a place in Melbourne. This will help you in finding the right place.

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