Laser Hair Removal South Yarra
Laser Hair Removal

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe For The Darker Skin Tones Patients?

Laser Hair Removal

Everyone knows that laser hair removal hawthorn treatment is the best way to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. But in the past, laser hair removal was not effective for people with darker skin.

As many people have many questions, such as,

  • Is the laser hair removal South Yarra treatment is painful?
  • Is this treatment use for the darker skin?
  • Do we have to take precautions?
  • What are the side effects?

Now, we focus on the darker skin tone related questions.

Laser Hair Removal South Yarra

Why don’t the early lasers work with darker skin tones?

Laser hair removal works by targeting melanin, which is responsible for the pigment in the hair.

For laser hair removal,

“Melanin is also responsible for the pigmentation of the skin, epidermal melanin.”

When a patient has high amounts of epidermal melanin, the absorption of the laser energy by the target hairs can be compromised because it is also absorbed by the melanin in the skin. This is still effective on the hair, but the absorption of the skin also causes burns, hyperpigmentation and scars.

When you have darker skinanddarker hair, laser hair removal gets a little more complicated.

The discolouration of the hair does not make sense, some textures of the hair result in a less funky red hair than shaving. Who wants to spend hours of his life shaving his legs?

When technology is available, we resort to a more expensive but more permanent solution: laser hair removal from Hawthorn.

Most, if not all, dark-skinned women who have contemplated permanent hair removal have heard about the shortcomings of laser hair removal. While our fair-skinned counterparts have been enjoying for a long time not having to shave anymore, now women with darker skin still have problems.

The most important thing is that the laser detects the contrast between the skin and the hair, so that the darker the hair and the clearer the skin, the better the laser will work. However, there are ways to get a successful laser hair removal treatment, regardless of the tone of your skin.

Laser Hair Removal South Yarra

Why lessor hair removal can be used?

It is a permanent solution for unwanted hair, especially facial hair. Since dark-skinned women have a disadvantage.

  • There is more melanin on the skin, they are more prone to burns. The technology has advanced so much that there are machines that can treat almost anyone safely, these laser machines have improved by being more specific and, therefore, safer and more effective.

Note: You always want to do your research before undergoing any kind of extreme treatment. Confirm that it is a laser and that it is one of the types that you have knowledge. It is even good to take a look at the machine before your appointment. Make a note of the name on the machine and verify that it is a laser and the specific type.

Final thought…

If you have very dark skin. Small areas are subjected to a laser at different energy levels to determine the correct level for effective removal without burning the skin. With less controllable energy emission, a laser hair removal Hawthorn service can help you in every way.

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