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Horse Feeding Mistakes That Everyone Should Know


Most horse owners revel in feeding their horses. It is a laugh to appearance your horse supplies revel in its food and coming running to you whilst it sees you coming with the feed bucket. However its miles smooth to screw up even as planning your horse’s nutritional desires

As horse owners, we usually revel in looking after our companions and that frequently technique supplying them with the nice feeds feasible. However, it is easy to move overboard on the feed. Overfeeding can reason problems of weight problems such as equine metabolic syndrome and might result in laminitis. If you find yourself becoming a master chef for a horse that does not have any unusual or precise feeding requirements you could be in risk of overfeeding your horse. Maximum horses want a very easy diet of correct pasture or hay and most effective want dietary dietary supplements or concentrates if there may be a shortfall in nutrients. There is no need to be blending and cooking bran mashes, lowering carrots, and serving up elaborate meals. Having hay examined is a superb idea, because it shows what styles of nutritional supplements you might add for your horse’s diet.

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Overfeeding horse supplies

Overfeeding horse supplies is a selected hassle in young horses. While its miles tempting to maintain your weanling or yearling pleasingly plump, too fast increase can cause joint malformations. Your youngster will benefit from slow steady growth, everyday parasite manipulate medicines and enough exercise that maintain it lean and in shape.


Underfeeding can be a trouble with senior horses and horses which might be operating tough. Even as hard-working horses may be expected to look lean, they should not appearance gaunt. If hay or pasture may not hold your working horse in correct circumstance, appearance to concentrates to make up the shortfall. But, keep in mind that the bulk of your horse’s weight-reduction plan should be made of grass or hay. Underfeeding hay or pasture, and overfeeding grains and concentrates can result in colic.

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Inadequate horse feed suppliers

It’s clean to take a look at a pasture from the distance and expect it’s far lush and inexperienced. However nearer inspection may also moreover display that your pasture is being overtaken with the aid of undesirable weeds. This shows horses have to art work harder to discover sufficient food and may begin ingesting the a good deal much less nutritional and from time to time poisonous weeds. Appearance after your pastures in case you need to provide genuine grazing in your horses.


Horse supplies for hay may be difficult, however it really is well worth it to be precise because of the fact negative hay can purpose all varieties of problems. Hay may be nutritionally bad. Some hays aren’t appropriate for horses and may reason colic. Dusty, mouldy hay may be terrible in your horse’s lungs.

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