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How to get the problem of blocked drains solved

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Have you noticed a plumbing issue, i.e., blocked drains Melbourne outside your home? Basically, drains blockage is considered to be the most problematic area in a home pertaining to plumbing. Since it is the most used part of your hoe you tend experience a lot many problems in this area. You use various kinds of solutions, oils and many other things in your kitchen and bathrooms. When all this and much more goes into your drain, it tends to get blocked. It is vital for you to call the plumbers in Melbourne to clear the blocked drains at a brisk pace.

What is the reason of blockage?

When the oils get into drains, they tend to start getting deposited over the inner surface of the drain. Since the drains have lower temperatures these oils get stuck to the walls of the drain. Slowly more and more oils get deposited over this making it thicker creating an obstruction in the flow of water. This layer goes bigger successively resulting in a bigger or complete blockage.

It is not only the oils that cause the blockage of the drains there could be the sanitary products or the baby wipes that have been flushed into the drains may cause blockage of the drains. Similarly, there are other products that if flushed may get stuck in the drain and result into blocked drains. But, the problem is not always from the entry of the drain. You may not know this, but there have been incidences of tree roots growing into pipes or even the frogs getting stuck into the pipes leading to the blockage of the drains.

Signs and symptoms of drain blockage

  • Water drains slowly through the shower drain and starts filling the shower.
  • Water in the toilet also fills up in the pot and takes time to retreat.
  • Waste keeps floating in the toilet even after flushing and the water levels do not go down as they would normally
  • There is a bad odor present all the time in your bathroom.
  • The sink gets filled up with water when the tap runs.
  • There is back flow of dirty water.

How to get the problem fixed?

Many people may try to fix the problem on their own, but this is not recommended. You must always call for an experienced plumber for the problem of blocked drains. Since the problem may not necessarily be superficial and attempting to open the drain without the knowledge of the underlying problem may result in the damage to the faucets and the pipes of your home’s drainage system.

An experienced plumber will not only look at the problem, but will analyses it and give a long lasting solution to the problem. But, for this you may have to follow these steps

  • Call different plumbers
  • Get the quotes
  • Compare
  • Do a little research about their work and read reviews
  • Make the decision
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