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Get perfect Bites By Orthodontist at Ahmedabad

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You can regain your sweet smiles with the help of orthodontists ahmedabad who are specialists of correcting bites and straightening of teeth of patients. For this purpose, the doctors have to assess the problems of the patients and the location of problems regarding teeth misalignment.


With the purpose of locating the problems lying with the teeth, the doctors have to do x-rays or prepare plastic mold of patients’ teeth.By realising the actual problem, the doctors will use dental appliances like braces, space maintainers or retainers.

Other Services Offered

Orthodontists offer other services in the field of dentistry like dental malocclusions and anomalies for oral cavities. They also offer examination services regarding abnormalities in development of jaws and positional abnormalities ofteeth. Assessment of dental-facial structural abnormalities is also task of orthodontists.

Keeping all records of results of assessments andrecords of treatments are also part of the responsibilities of the doctors.After proper examinations, he has to offer treatment appliances for the patients and the estimated cost of the treatment. These orthodontic practices are very popular in Ahmedabad.

Correction of Malocclusion

Malocclusion may be defined as the improper relation between teeth and the dental arches when they come close as jaws approach each other. When the problem with malocclusion is serious in nature,patient may undergo treatment with orthodontists and even may have to undergo orthodontic surgery.

Orthodontic treatment related to correction of malocclusion may prevent tooth decay and pressure on the related joints of mouth. This type of orthodontic treatment for correction of malocclusion is very popular in Ahmedabad.

Causes of Malocclusion and Solutions

In major cases, malocclusion is passed on due to heredity which means the condition comes down to the family. This condition may also arise by the difference of sizes of jaws and teeth or the size difference of lower jaw and upper jaw. Malocclusion may lead to some other problems like headache of migraine, hitting of joints of jaws and pain in the region of shoulder and neck.

Now, the solution of malocclusion lies with orthodontists ahmedabad. The doctors may offernight guard made of some acrylic plastic substance so that related muscles can be relaxed. Beside this, some musclerelaxants, and physiotherapy can be applied to heal the related muscle pains. These types of treatment are renowned in Ahmedabad.

Other Solutions For Malocclusion

Straightening your teeth in case of malocclusion, may be treated with braces by orthodontists. Braces may correct crowded teeth implying that too many teeth lie in a small space. Braces may correct misplaced midline, which means the midline of upper front teeth does not match with midline of lower frontteeth.

The braces may also correct gapped teeth, cross bites and under bites. Under bites occur when lower teeth are too forward or upper teeth are too back in positions. All these may be solved by the advice and treatment of orthodontists who are very popular in Ahmedabad.

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