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How To Get Concrete Adelaide For Your House?

Building and Construction

Decorative Concrete Adelaide which is also called architectural concrete can be described easily as a technique which alters whatever is plain and grey concrete for being more pleasing aesthetically. The decorative concrete may encompass a number of looks as well as techniques.

It might also include some very simple techniques of colouring like acrylic stains, acid stains, integral colours and concrete dyes. It may even include some special treatments like scoring, stamping, polishing and chiselling which may alter the texture of surface. Many a time, the decorative concrete helps in integrating the multiple techniques for truly customising the slab.

Stained concrete

Probably some of the most well-known techniques for the purpose of transforming the plain concrete for being more design friendly are staining especially for the interior application. The technique involves taking cured Concrete Adelaide slab and staining literally can be of different colours. There are basically 2 different types of the concrete staining.


It is a much better alternative than the acid stain for the concrete pads which have the cosmetic defects as the coverage is quite consistent. However, it’s still semi-translucent stain, and thus would not disguise the soil completely and the other defects in concrete. The water-based stains are commonly known as concrete dyes. It’s used often for accenting the work of the acid stains job by giving some of the areas of concrete an altogether different colour.

Acrylic stains

The acrylic stains provide a wide range of bright and deep colours with a broader selection as compared to the acid stains. While the acid stains depend on the reaction with concrete for producing the colour, acrylic stain colours are generally the same in a bottle since they’re on concrete. This helps in predicting the result easily. It also permits easier mixing at job site for matching the other colours.

The protective coat

Once the staining job has been done, it’s suggested to apply some kind of protective coat on the surface. This would help in preventing wear and tear. For the outdoor application, the concrete sealer is suggested. The solvent sealer or the xylene-based sealer would leave a semi-gloss and durable coating, whereas he water based sealer would leave matte finish.


For the indoor application, it’s usually recommended to apply wax, just like the one used on the gym flooring. In short, staining is generally considered to be a very good option when you have concrete slabs presently which you would want to add some colour to. The stains don’t hide the defects in concrete. They also do not change texture of concrete. They just add semi-transparent, a semi-permanent colour. So you may decide which one you would like to use for your house.


There are a number of Earthmoving Adelaide techniques which expand the designing options while using the concrete stains. There are different types available in the market. You may choose the one which suits your requirements the best.

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