First know your Model Iphone 6: A Must know buying guide


It’s been over eight decades since the iPhone made its first appearance, and it’s still the most popular smart phone in the world. For a long time, Apple’s iPhone offerings were very straightforward: one expensive top-of-the-line design, a less expensive Iphone 6 64gb with fewer functions or more slowly requirements generally similar to past years leading design, and maybe even a cheap design based on the leading design from two years’ prior. And they all had the same screen size.

Your options are not so simple now. Apple provides four different iPhone designs with different screen sizes and different prices. Puzzled as to which iPhone to get? Use this secrets and techniques for help you decide.

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iPhone Designs Overview

Let’s go over the key requirements and variations between the iPhones, starting with Apple’s priciest providing.

  • iPhone 6 Plus: Apple’s biggest iPhone. If you’ve always desired the most important show possible on your iPhone, this is the design to get. Some might see the iPhone 6 Plus as a cost-effective solution to an iPad mini 3, but do not forget that you’ll be using the iPhone form of applications, not the iPad editions. That means the app UIs will be designed with a compact sized show in thoughts.

The iPhone 6 Plus could be the phone to get if you’re serious about photography. It’s the only iPhone with visual picture stabilising. For recording movie, both Iphone 6 64gb designs offer cinematic video stabilisation and continuous auto-focus movie, which is not discovered in the iPhone 5 designs.

If you want to use Apple Pay, you have to get one of the iPhone 6 designs. The NFC processor that Apple Pay uses is not discovered in the older iPhone 5 designs.

  • iPhone 6: The iPhone 6 has almost the same requirements as the iPhone 6 Plus. It’s only losing functions are visual picture stabilising in the isight camera and the larger battery power in the iPhone 6 Plus. It’s the iPhone to get if you want technology but doesn’t want the larger dimension.


Both the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6 feature Apple’s newest mobile processor, the 64-bit A8. There’s also an M8 motion coprocessor, which is used to deal with data from the accelerometer, measure, compass, and gyroscope.


It may seem interested that Apple does not have a 32GB option for the Iphone 6 64gb. But the cost difference between the 16GB and 64GB designs is $100, so moving up in the potential for your iPhone 6 does not seem like such a huge cost jump.

iPhone 6

If you like to consume media on your iPhone, you frequently try newly discovered applications, take a lot of images and video clips, and/or you like to play games that are graphically intense, get the 64GB design. If you depend on your iPhone as a manufacturing device for movie, sound, or photography, get 128GB of storage.

The Iphone 6 64gb strikes the lovely spot between efficiency and size–it’s the iPhone to get. It provides more show than iPhones with a 4-inch display without being heavy. And it’s the top-performing iPhone, so it’ll manage the most challenging applications.


Consider buying the Iphone 6 64gb edition so you’ll have lots of storage for your photos, videos, and applications.

This post is originally posted on localbusinessau.org, re-published with permission.

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