Facts about Different Types of Water Pumps


The pump industry is very popular. The manufacturing industry gives demand to pumps due to optimum operation, low energy consumption and high reliability. There are many dimensions to the pump system of Grundfos water pumps and Lowara pumps. There are many technologies that work with the design and installation of pumps.

Some basic concepts regarding this

Centrifugal – The most commonly used pump in today’s world is the centrifugal pump which was designed by a physicist, Denis Papin. This centrifugal pump is based on the simple principle. The principle states that the liquid is led to the impeller hub and by means of this centrifugal force; the liquid is flung towards the periphery of the impellers.

The construction of the centrifugal Grundfos water pump and Lowara pumps is very inexpensive. It is robust and simple and the speed of this makes it impossible to connect it to the asynchronous motor directly. This pump provides a fair amount of steady liquid flow. This helps it to throttle without creating any damage to propel.

If a pressure difference occurs at the system of centrifugal pump when it is not running then the liquid can still pass through it. This is mainly because of the open design of the centrifugal pump.


The characteristics of centrifugal

  • The stage number – A centrifugal pump can be either a single stage pump or a multi stage pump. This depends on the number of impellers that has.
  • The shaft position – The centrifugal pump generally have single stage or multi stage which come with either horizontal or vertical pump shafts.
  • The single or double suction impellers – Again a centrifugal pump can be either single suction or double suction based on the construction of the impeller of the pump.
  • The coupling of stages – The stages of an extract can be arranged in two different ways, in series or in parallel.
  • Casing – The construction of the casing of a centrifugal pump can be either volute casing or return channel casing with guide vanes.

Facts about various kinds of pumps

  • End suction – The end suction siphon have a feature that allows the liquid to run directly into the impeller of is. The inlet and the outlet have and angle of ninety degree.
  • In line – The liquid in case of in line drain out will run directly through siphon in line. The suction pipe and also the discharge pipe of this in line pump are placed opposite to one another. They can also be mounted directly in the piping system.
  • Split case – Those which come with axially divided pump housing is called split case pump.
  • Horizontal – Those which come with a horizontal shaft is called horizontal pump.
  • Vertical – Those which comes with vertical shaft is called vertical pump.


The system is an essential feature of any kind of industry. One should have a thorough knowledge of the different kinds of pumps that are now available at the market. There are many companies like that of the Grundfos Water Pumps and Lowara Pumps that provide very good service in the industry.

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