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What exactly happened in Escape Game?


An Escape Room Melbourne is a real-life adventure game based on escape games where players are locked in a room and must use elements within the game to find clues, solve riddles and finally escape within the given time. There is usually a human interaction, and cooperation between the players of the escape game Melbourne room.

An initial briefing that mostly covers the general rules, a friendly guide takes you to the door of your escape room. The friends of the group will enter and adjust before the guide leaves you.

The main purpose of the escape game is “find clues and solve riddles and challenges one by one while working to escape.”

Once the door closes, an introductory video will be played, presenting the theme and history of the room and giving you instructions on how to get started.”

The main concept of the Escape game

The escape rooms are for all people who like to have fun, who can enjoy playing games and are looking for something new to do for fun. Remember, if you are a group of friends, family or co-workers, everyone will find something they enjoy.

Your group have to focus on the singular goal of working together and trying to escape. Consider booking your next corporate or sports team meeting here.

  • Escape games make you feel like you are in the middle of the story. The rooms have been designed in consultation with experts in the film and cinema industry to ensure that you will go through new world.
  • The game will start with five guys who tried to escape and fell in love. It’s fun and it is an opportunity to expand the boundaries of what the escape game can offer.
  • To design the proper theme room of the Escape game, need stage designers, actors and local-based video producers help develop the themes and experience for each of our rooms.

Rules for the Escape Game from Melbourne

  • You and your team arrive on time for the mission you reserved. There is no need to arrive early, everything is already planned.
  • Once you are there, you will spend approximately an hour and a half with game management because they take the time to explain everything about this unusual adventure.
  • Each member of your team will collaborate to achieve the mission that will be delivered in less than 60 minutes. There is only one solution to do it: search in every corner of the room where you are to discover objects, clues, keys, etc., which will increase your level of progress.
  • Team spirit counts a lot like cooperation, communication, common reflection and ideas to help each other in less than an hour.
  • Time is running out, the last second arrives and what comes next!!!

To win the competition!!!

There will be full of pride, you leave the room, triumphing. You have to accomplish your mission and escaped in less than 60 minutes. The main escape game from Melbourne is here to congratulate you and is the perfect occasion to track the very emotional moments of your adventure.

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