Common Plumbing Problems Handled by Plumbers


Do you have a leaky roof or running toilet in your home? Then, you need to immediately hire Melbourne Plumber. This person will come with the right equipment to your place to fix the plumbing damages and give a permanent solution that you do not experience the same problem again down the line.

Common plumbing problems that are handled by the expert Melbourne Plumber include;

  • Clogging of drains

When the drains are clogged with hair, soap lather, or grime, then it slowly down the flow of water through the drains. This could take a toll on the bathroom tiles. This is the common plumbing problem that is experienced by every homeowner. To keep this problem at bay, you need to remove the drain cover and clean the debris.

However, there are tools available, but you need to consult a professional Melbourne Plumber to get this work done with a great perfection. You can use auger or wire hanger to remove the accumulated debris out and clear the blocked drain. If using these tools does not resolve the problem, then you need to use plunger to loosen the dust.

It is not advised to use harsh chemicals, since it causes severe damage to the drainage pipes. It is highly recommended to hire a plumbing company to get the problem fixed.

  • Running toilet

Do not waste paying high water bill due to running toilet. Undeniably, it is quite easy to fix the running toilet problem with ease hiring the best plumbing service. You need to replace the broken flush, flapper or adjust the float inexpensively.

  • Clogged garbage disposal

The garbage appliance has to be kept in a proper condition to keep them run smoothly. Basically, the jammed garbage disposal is due to disposing of husks and inappropriate food items and running it without using water. To fix this jam, you would need to consult a plumbing service to clear the jam.

  • Dripping faucet

When the water is spewing from the kitchen faucet, it has to be fixed by hiring a plumbing service. Undeniably, the leakage faucet would waste the water and burn holes in your pockets by paying a hefty water bills. The causes of spewing faucets are due to corrosion, deposition of minerals and failed parts. If there is anything to be replaced that has to be done by experts.

  • Low water pressure

When you want to wash the utensils, the water from the sink is flowing at a low pressure and is time-taking for you to finish the household chore. This problem has to be fixed by the plumbing company. No matter whether the water pressure is low from your cold or hot water tap, it is due to clogged aerator. This has to be cleaned thoroughly to improve the water pressure.

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