Function Venues Melbourne

How should you choose Function Rooms Melbourne?


Function Rooms Melbourne is great venues for hosting different events. Pubs, bars, hotels, galleries, reception centres, conference centres as well as exhibition centres have the function rooms where you may hold a completely catered event or some kind of corporate event. While selecting the event rooms Melbourne, you may consider the below mentioned things for making sure that you choose the place appropriately.

Important things to keep in mind while looking for Function Rooms Melbourne;

  1. Occasion

The occasion is very important as the kind of requirements for a particular function might not be same for the other. At the corporate events or the conferences it might be important for the venue to have proper lighting, stage, projector, microphone, podium, television as well as other amenities.

However, a wedding might need catering facilities, dance floor, bridal room, catering services etc.

  1. Space

It is also quite important to give importance to the space available for the function. You need to know if it would be able to accommodate the number of people who would be attending the function. Utilisation of the space is also a very important consideration as there is different type of space requirements for cocktail functions in comparison to sit down banquets.

At the corporate events or conferences you might need tables for the workshops or theatre style sitting facility for lectures and also some additional space for the potential exhibitors or sponsors. The way you plan to use the Function Room Hire Melbourne help in determining the amount of space needed.

  1. Food

Food is another very important factor to be considered while choosing the space for a function. Whether it’s a training session, conference, wedding or a party, food is considered to be one of the primary highlights. Most of the Function Venues Melbourne have in-house restaurant or catering facilities. And some of them do not have any of these services so you need to organise the catering on your own.

But, before you take the decision of choosing a place you need to make sure that the food they provide fulfil your expectations and also that their menu has variety and caters to the dietary requirements.

  1. Music

It is also important to check the music capabilities of the function room that you choose. There are certain places that insist that you have your own DJ or a band. There could be some places which might have certain sound level constraints. Thus, you should ask all these questions to the owners before organising your music or entertainment functions.

  1. Accessibility and convenience

Accessibility and convenience are both very important. You should choose Function Rooms Melbourne which have ample parking space for the delegates and guests. Also, if the venue is located within a bigger complex then help at reception is very important. Some kind of planning needs to be done from your end before choosing a space for organising your event.


While choosing Function venues Melbourne for your event, there are certain important things that you need to keep in mind. These things will help you in ensuring that you choose a good place.

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