How to Choose Best Jumping Castle Hire Melbourne?


Jumping Castles are in trend nowadays as the best and popular addition to any outdoor party – be it child’s birthday, school fete, adult evening party or any other occasion. It has become an indispensible part of our functions. They not keep your kids entertained, but at the same of occupied and engaged as well, while you can have some great time with your friends or family members. They are the best option of having fun, especially for your little ones. And this the reason why many of the people in Melbourne prefer to get it installed at the backyard of their house. But everybody can afford to buy bouncy castle since they are expensive, but fortunately for such people there is an option of jumping castle hire Melbourne. Getting such castles on rent is the most affordable way of adding thrilling experience to your party.

Jumping castle is the smartest way to add fun, thrill and entertainment to any function. They can be easily fit anywhere else in your home, regardless of how spacious or tiny your space is.  Some of the best companies in Melbourne offers best, cost-effective and safe Jumping castle hire services, so that you and your children can easily get entertained worry-free. They come in all sizes and at a price that meets almost every budget. You can choose the best one as per the theme and requirement of your party.

When planning to book jumping castle for your kid’s birthday party or evening party, just make sure to do proper planning and research. Here are a few things that you should know–

Child’s Age

It is the most important thing to consider when choosing jumping castle for your toddler or a teenager. For toddlers the castles are designed in different manner or teenagers they are designed differently. For toddlers you, choose the castle with surrounding walls and must not be too small or too low that makes your child feel sophisticated. Choose the spacious and safe castle, so that they can enjoy completely. For teenagers, who can look after themselves, the jumping castle of their choice that please them.

Party Theme

Well, when planning to hire a jumping castle, discuss the theme of the party. If you are organising a party for your son or daughter’s birthday, make sure to choose cartoon creator based jumping castle that bring smile on their faces and they prefer to enjoy more and more. Choose the castle with vibrant colours that catches the eye of your little ones and their friends.

Little girls will be more attracted to frozen jumping castle, while boys are okay with lots of space to jump and may be a slide at one end.


Make sure to hire castle that is secure enough to make your child feel safe and comfortable. It should not be made up of harmful material or have unsafe electrical equipment that can hurt or harm your little one. Ask the services provider to offer safe and best bouncy castle.

Ask Around

Ask your friends and family about the service provider to choose. Sometimes you can get best the recommendation from them as word of mouth is the best marketing tool available. Hearing out other people’s opinions can help you decide which company to choose.  Moreover, you can also check internet sites to get the best recommendation possible.


So, these are the few things that you must keep in mind before when choosing jumping castle hire Melbourne for the party. Master jumping castle hire has been helping individuals in organising great parties by offering high-quality jumping castles at best pricing. It offers customised packages for every occasion.


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