Agriculture Pumps

How to choose agricultural water pumps?


Speaking generally, the Agricultural Water Pumps are equipment’s which may raise the liquids, transmit the liquids or make the liquids increase pressure. The so called pump alters the mechanical energy of prime motors into liquid form of energy and thereby realising the purpose of the pumping water. This tools and equipment is used widely in all types of industries, like construction, water supply, electrical station, agriculture, petroleum, chemical, shipping, etc.

Owing to various functions, different mediums of liquid and different flowing rates structures of the Agricultural water pumps may vary. According to working principle, it may be separated into magnetic one, spiral one, axial one, sliding vane-one, steam one, wheel one, etc. On the basis of the functions, it may be classified into different water one, chemical one, dredge one and oil transfer one.

Agricultural Water Pumps

There’re other ways also for the classification of these equipment’s. For instance, it may be separated into a single stage one and the multi stage one as per impeller connection. As there are different types of Ebara Water Pumps, it’s of great importance for people to be aware of the ways of choosing the most suitable one.

  • The very first thing is to choose a manufacturer very carefully and then consult the previous users. When a user chooses an efficient water pump, it’s better to select the POS that’s approved by agricultural machine department.

Meanwhile, the users also need to remember that they should not buy a product without the production date, the manufacturer details and the certificate. Otherwise, if the users meet the problems, he might have to bear a loss. For consulting the old users before purchasing the product is another wiser way.

  • Secondly, you should choose the Franklin Water Pumps which satisfy the requirement and needs of pump lift. The so called pumping lift is the much needed pump increase, not water lift height. It’s very important for choosing a water pump.

The pumping lift 1.15 or 1.20 times of water lift height. While choosing the product, the user also needs to be keeping in mind that the pimp lift in name plate would be close to the needed pumping lift and deviation should be less than twenty percent.

Under this type of situation, efficiency of water pump is highest and also relatively economic.

Thirdly, you should choose a water pump which has a proper flowing rate. The flowing rate can’t be too great. Otherwise, cost of product would rise. The user should choose the product according to the need.

Important consideration about a water pump

You should try to install pulley removal tool to water pumping pulley. This tool is applicable to shaft for pushing the pulley off the water pump. After that, you’ll have to tighten the removal of the tool slowly. As the tool’s screw would be rotated, it would extend towards shaft of pump while the side clips would undergo a completely opposite force pulling pulley from rotor.


There are certain important things which you need to keep in mind while choosing Franklin Water Pumps. These things would help you choose the right one as per your needs and purposes.

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