Carpet Cleaning To Have a Healthier Life


It is important to know the various types of cleaning methods used for carpet cleaning to ensure a good clean carpet. Most professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Greensborough would get to use one of these methods in their cleaning methods.

Not only is the aim to have a clean carpet, but also a sterilised carpet too.

  1. Hot Water Cleaning

In this method, the carpet is moistened and detergents applied to loosen the dirt. Further agitation is hard with a brush that rubs the surface of the carpet. The soap and dirt, then remove from the carpet with the application of jets of hot water and steam. The rug is then left out to dry. Usually, the carpet is left to dry out completely overnight.

  1. Carpet Shampooing

Here strong detergents are used to remove the dirt that is trapped in the carpet. Most carpet cleaning agents are strong and potent soap that get to act on the most stubborn of dirt. These soaps are subsequently removed with a thorough rinsing. The warm climate that prevails in Greensborough ensures a dry carpet when let out to dry overnight after a water wash.

  1. Encapsulation

This cleaning method is characterised by the use of specialised detergents that gets to turn into solid particles on contact with dirt thus encapsulating the dirt. This solid material is then removed with water and the rug let out to dry.  The advantage of this method is the use of minimal water and detergents. Fast turnaround of carpets is ensured as drying times are very little. This is also considered the most environmentally sound process as there is very little chemical residue to remove.

  1. Bonnet Cleaning

This is a very mechanical process that involves strong brushing of the carpet to remove the toughest dirt possible. A very popular method with hotels where there is not the time to get carpets dry after a wash. Often, detergent solutions are also used with the brushing. This method, however, does little to get rid of the deep seated dirt and would need to be a more thorough cleaning once in a while.

  1. Dry Cleaning

Here the wet detergents are replaced with powdered agents that require no washing and rinsing. Since the process does not require the use of wet agents, ensures a fast turnaround of the carpets. The advancement in cleaning agents has ensured a good clean with this method.

Thus it is seen that a simple thing like carpet cleaning takes on a new look with the advancement of methods and ways. Most carpet cleaners in Greensborough are well equipped to undertake most cleaning methods in vogue today. Application of technology has ensured convenience to a practice that was for long consigned to the muscle men in the family.


Sending the carpet to the carpet cleaners is no longer seen with the trepidation that it was once seen with. In Greensborough, the establishment of renowned carpet cleaners has ensured a good service to any cleaning needs.

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