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What Are The Main Causes Of The Blocked Drains In Water Sink?


Blocked drains are one of those problems, which can become a big mess if they are not handled in time or not be solved by the blocked drains Adelaide service. If there are drainage problems in your home or building or even on the streets, it can cause a lot of problems if it is not dealt with immediately. However, Plumber Adelaide Company must deal with the right equipment and experience.

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Not only does it cause problems to clean up the mess; it hinders day-to-day functions, promotes the growth of unhealthy and malodorous bacteria, and can cause serious accidents if ignored for too long. At least one housewife or other people will definitely experience such drainage problems blocked once in her life and such annoyance is bound to create health problems.

How to prevent the situation before the drains blocked?

To maintain sanitation and a healthy environment, it is important to maintain regular control over the clogging of drains and be aware of the elements that cause such problems because, as the famous saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.” Here is the list you can prevent your sink from the clog and drain.

Blocked Drains Adelaide

  • Hair:

If drains are clogged by hair, you should clean up the mess immediately, because once the drain is blocked, there is no end. Hair, if not removed, will only increase the obstruction. Initially, it will slow down the flow and then stop it all at once. Hair that flows down in sinks or in toilets and showers is the most common reason behind blocked drains Adelaide and, if not removed in advance, causes serious drainage problems in the line and have to call the plumber from Adelaide.

  • Fat and Grease:

Just like hair, fat are also the common reasons behind blocked drains. They also accumulate obstructions eventually in drains and pipes. They adhere to the pipes and continue to accumulate if they are not checked regularly. In the initial stage, it will slow down the drainage and, later, stop the flow in the drains in the worst case. These substances not only block drainages but also stimulate bad odours, which is not good for health. Therefore, it has to be clear and disinfected regularly, if not then you have to call the blocked drains Adelaide service provider.

  • Poor installation and poor workmanship:

The installation of pipes is a fragile and attentive task since any distraction can cause many problems later on. It often happens that improper installation or poor workmanship leads to blocked drains. If they are not equipped with proper care and attention, then the pipes can get lost and cause leaks, changes in water pressure and many other problems that are critical.


Even if you noticed and tried many times and adjust the pipes, hairs and fats but only professional service provider of blocked drains from Adelaide can make it clear by using tips and tricks, which lately prevent the health issues and accidents.

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