Biggest mistakes made while buying the power banks


Buy power banks have now become an essential gadget for keeping us going in today’s age of smart phones. Many a time we tend to be perplexed while purchasing portable chargers for our smart phones. Even though we know whatever we wish for but we don’t really know what the power bans would deliver to us.


Below are the 5 most common mistakes which we generally make while selecting power banks for our smart phones.

Buying cheap and Unbranded power banks just because for the fact that they’re cheap.

While purchasing smart phones we many a times buy the phones which are very cheap, but also have a good battery backup. Now the question is why we do this. We don’t really compromise with the quality of the smart phones. Then why should we compromise with the quality of portable chargers.

Why should you consider buying high quality chargers?

Purchasing high quality portable chargers or known brands are always a good idea. Even if it is expensive as compared to the branded charges as it would help in ensuring a much better safety to our smart phones in future.

1) The power capacity is small sometimes

A very common mistake that people while purchasing  is choosing the one with very less power efficiency. A simple guide whom you need to follow will be to purchase portable chargers that are at least of the similar power efficiency.

2) Purchasing an incompatible power-bank

While we set-off for purchasing portable chargers for our phones, we importantly need to look for some compatibility just without smart phones, but we tend to avoid other gadgets which may also be recharged with the help of portable chargers. Thus, you should make sure that you buy good quality chargers and that too from reliable sellers.

Thus, it’s advisable to adjust with a portable power bank that’s compatible with not only your smart phones, but even your e-readers, iPads, etc.

3) Ignoring the features of safety and settling for a cheap brand

While buying power banks, you shouldn’t ignore the ones which come with the features of protection such as short-circuit protection, over charging as well as over discharging protection and settling for cheap power banks.

4) Being carried away because of the looks of the power banks

You may purchase power banks, which match the looks of your phones or other gadgets, but this shouldn’t be the sole reason for overlooking the features of your portable chargers.

You should always consider the ones which have good specifications for ensuring that it matches correctly the needs of your electrical devices which it would be charging.

So these are the most common mistakes which most of us make while buying the power banks. If you really want to give your phone a good charger you should consider avoiding these mistakes.

Conclusion – There are some very common mistakes which we make while buying portable power bank online. But actually we really need to avoid all these mistakes. Because if we make even one of any of these mistakes, it may not be such a good idea for our smart phone.

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