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Benefits Of Using Promotional Bags As Corporate Gifts


Personalised Corporate Gifts Melbourne that the customer can look at every day is also a good way to call attention to your company. Products with your company brand name and company information serve as a constant indication for your customers. Branded products for desks, such as everlasting calendars, noteholders or even puzzles, offer an excellent form of advertising for any company and ensure that your contact information is handy should a customer need to get in touch.

Corporate promotion products are a great way to show customers that a company cares, while at the same time being a permanent marketing of your company each and whenever the product is used. For those who want something a little different, the variety of business promotional products includes wine glasses in a variety of styles and even a very useful leather satchel. Think outside the box for your next corporate promotion – with an unusual product from our range, you’ll really stand out from the crowd.

However, promotional Products Melbourne, in particular, has some terrific promotion advantages that companies and companies might want to consider when it comes to their marketing campaigns.

promotional products Melbourne

  • Marketing Impressions

Analysts have discovered that promotion bags lead to 5,732 promotion impressions each season. No other promotion product seems to come close when it comes to this kind of exposure.

In fact, the next most ‘impressionable’ products are hats and they lag behind caps with 3,153 marketing impressions each year. T-shirts only rate 1,990 promotion impressions each season. While t-shirts price an average of $.005 per impact, bags price just $.001 per impact making them an outstanding promotion value.

  • Brand Identification

Many companies invest in Personalised Corporate Gifts in order to build brand recognition. This stuff can reinforce a company’s logo, name, and the kind of services or products they provide. While pens and caps can also support brand recognition, their field is limited, unlike a bag that can effectively display a company’s brand and more.

Corporate Gifts Melbourne

Bags are so successful at what they do that studies claim that 82% of people can identify an advertiser on a promotion bag. That’s an amazing statistic that should convince promoters to consider promotion bags for supporting their marketing campaigns each season.

Remarkably, scientists also found that 52% had a favorable impact on the brands they recognised on Promotional Bags Melbourne and 59% of people did business with the company that provided them with a promotion bag.

  • The Potential of Promotional Bags

Estimates suggest that 29% of Americans own a promotion bag. This means that 71% of Americans do not have one. This suggests that there is room for many more companies to take advantage of their promotion efforts by using promotion bags. Companies may also be interested to know that 20% of men own a promotion bag while 37% of women do.

Companies will want to consider ways to use their research to their advantage and provide effective Personalised Corporate Gifts of Melbourne like bags to secure more marketing impressions and increase their overall and strategies.


Companies’ marketing dollars go much further when they choose Personalised Corporate Gifts Melbourne to boost their promotion campaigns. There are numerous types of advertising advantages that you can reap for your company or business.

Source: Know the power of promotional bags: Why should you gift?

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