Bamboo Flooring

Why do people opt for bamboo flooring Adelaide?


Bamboo is considered to be one of the latest and the most exciting material in the flooring industry and that is why Bamboo Flooring Adelaide is also becoming quite popular. Even though initially passed through by the flooring professionals as trendy product, bamboo has proven to be a choice which is durable, beautiful, inexpensive, versatile as well as eco-friendly.

Due to these attributes the fame of bamboo has been growing tremendously in the recent years. Once you have understood how it is made, the various styles available, the environmental factors and the durability, you may decide on your own if bamboo would be your favourite choice.

Bamboo Flooring Adelaide

What is bamboo?

Bamboo is simply a grass which may be found in all the corners of the earth. Bamboo which is used for building a floor is grown primarily in China, Indonesia and Vietnam. In all these regions, bamboo may grow up to 3 feet in a day and may be harvested every 5-6 years. This type of harvesting doesn’t kill bamboo and the bamboo which grows new stalks. The final result is the product which has rating of the Janka hardness of approximately 25% or more than red oak and maple which grows in North America.

Since bamboo is just a grass, it’s a lot more resistant to water as compared to hardwood which results in the product which expands less than the other hard wood. Ultimately bamboo flooring is durable, strong and may be refinished and sanded like most of the hardwood floorings.

The process of manufacturing

Once stalk has been cut its cut according to the prescribed length and then it’s pushed against the knives to the product splits. Some of the splits may be steamed for producing carbonised colour. Bamboo has got natural sugar within it which when steamed would turn the wood into a rich brown shade.

The bamboo is then kiln dried for removing all the moisture. The kiln-dried splits are glue applied and hot pressed for forming the planks. The planks are fed into the planer which also cuts the grooves and the tongue.

Vertical, horizontal and strand woven

Bamboo Flooring Adelaide comes in vertical grain, horizontal grain and stand woven. Each and every style features a unique performance and a look. Horizontal grain is built by laying splits horizontally, stacked 3 high and gluing them altogether. The then finished product offers an appearance and look of bamboo stalk where you will be able to see knuckles of bamboo.

Flooring Adelaide

Vertical grain is built by laying splits vertically and then gluing them altogether. This offers a very unique of the long and narrow strips where knuckles are hidden.

Strand bamboo is built by mixing different scraps of the wood with the help of glue and then compressing it. The final look is the one which is unique as well as random where you will be able to see knuckles occasionally.

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