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Advantages of the Resmed Cpap Parts

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A lot of people wonder about the difference between the automatic Resmed Cpap Parts and regular CPAP machines.

CPAP basically stands for “Continuous Positive Airway Pressure” which indicates that the air pressure would be continuously delivered through the cycle of sleeping. CPAP however does not indicate that the air which is continuously delivered would be at constant pressure. Thus, the right term for it that automatically adjusts pressure settings as per your needs and requirements is automated CPAP machine.

The CPAP design

The CPAP machine is basically designed for blowing out air through the partially obstructed air way for eliminated the obstruction and for allowing you to normally breathe.

Benefits of automated CPAP machines

  • The automated CPAP Machines do not employ constant pressure. Rather, this machine is simply designed for sensing your breath through usage of pressure device. While the machine can sense that you’re breathing fine, the pressure delivered would be much lower. On the contrary, while the machine senses that you aren’t breathing well, i.e. when it feels an apnea, snoring or hypopnea the pressure delivered would be higher.
  • As most of the people who sleep with apnea normally breathe for at least a little portion during the night, it is the main reason that constant pressure is usually unnecessary for efficient therapy delivered by the Resmed Cpap Parts.
  • The reduced pressure helps in increasing the comfort of the patient and compliance and also helps in making the therapy tolerable for the new users.
  • In case the prescribed pressure settings are relatively lower from 10 CM H20, the main advantage of the automated CPAP Machines might not be the low average pressure. But, it could just be that you don’t need to worry about the adjustment of the pressure setting. The automated machine virtually assures that you would get an optimal CPAP therapy irrespective of the changes in the condition.
  • As it is the case with most of the CPAP machines, the automated CPAP machine is designed basically for delivering air pressure anywhere between 4CM H20 to 20 CM H20. During initial setup of these machines, minimum, maximum pressures are also set. Generally the default settings of 4CM H20 as minimum pressure and the 20CM H20 as maximum pressure are employed. However, in case your prescribed level of pressure setting is more than 10 CN H20, then the increasing minimum pressure may be helpful.
  • Another benefit of the automated CPAP machine is there are actually 2 machines. You get the CPAP machines that help in adjusting pressure automatically, and you even get the machines that may be set for delivering constant pressure like the regular CPAP machines. The flexibility in the functionality is alluring to a lot of CPAP users especially for those who use the CPAP equipment for first time.


There are a lot of benefits of using the Resmed Cpap Parts. They help the patient in breathing normally when the pressure either goes down or high.

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